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Cañon City & Surrounding areas

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Many rock chips can be successfully repaired by qualified professionals who use cutting edge technology and materials. Failing to repair rock chips leaves your windshield weakened to resist damage in a roll over crash and prevents the passenger air bag from deploying properly.

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Let us come to you at home or at work.  Count on River Valley Auto Glass for affordable, long lasting chip repairs that save you time and money.  Insurance accepted for rock chip repairs.  Limited service available to Canon City, Florence, Penrose.    


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Enjoy some peace of mind knowing that highly skilled professionals used the best tools, technology and materials to repair your windshield.  We guarantee our repairs for as long as you own the vehicle.  If a rock chip repair fails, the cost of the repair will be credited to a new windshield to be installed by River Valley Auto Glass.

Rock Chip Repair Cañon City

Repairing Rock Chips is a cost effective solution to damaged auto glass, that has benefits for the environment too.  Being pro active and repairing small chips as they happen, you avoid time consuming and expensive replacements.  By extending the life of your glass, you leave valuable resources in the earth and reduce your carbon footprint.

Rock Chip Repair

How does rock chip repair work in Canon City?

Rock Chip Repair Tool

Rock Chips are never welcome, and always unexpected.  They can happen any time along your commute or just running errands around town.  Many rock chips can be repaired by qualified professionals using the best tools and materials.  For best results have rock chips repaired the same day they happen.  River Valley Auto Glass is happy to visit you at home or place of work, the same day in most cases.  We provide rock chip repair in Canon City, Florence.  

What type of damage cant be repaired?

Large rock chips, greater than the size of a quarter cannot be reliably repaired.  Any instance of crushed glass, and long cracks cannot be repaired and is recommended to have the windshield replaced.  All damaged areas must be free of water and debris, and rock chip repairs must be done indoors, only when the glass has reached a temperature above 55 degrees.  Excessively "spidery" shaped chips cannot be repaired.  Unsure if your damage can be successfully repaired?  Our reliable technicians will evaluate the damage and advice you on the best course of action.

How are rock chips repaired?

The process of filling a rock chip on a windshield starts by cleaning the work area of any water or dust and debris.  The chip is then slightly opened with a small electric drill.  This allows the chip repair resin to flow freely into the damaged area and filling with resin.  Special UV light resin is then injected to the damaged area.  A common cigarette lighter is held to the damaged area from the inside of the vehicle using capillary action to draw the resin into the damaged area.  After the chip is filled with resin, it will cure in Sunlight or artificial UV light for 20 mins.

How will my rock chip repair look?

After a successful rock chip repair, the damaged area will like still show some signs of damage.  Its nearly impossible to get a flawless finish with a rock chip repair, and should be thought of as a solution to prolonging the life of your windshield, and not as a cosmetic enhancement.  Although, some cosmetic improvement is likely to occur, it wont ever be completely perfect.  The glass is technically already broken when we arrive to attempt a windshield repair.

Quick & Affordable Rock Chip Repair in Canon City & Surrounding areas 

If your windshield is damaged, please call our main office in CaNon City, CO to schedule a windshield repair service at 719-429-7830.  Count on River Valley Auto Glass for affordable, high quality, and fast rick chip repair service.  At home or at the office we come to you.  Rock Chip Repair Service availabe for Canon City, Penrose, Florence.

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