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Cañon City & Surrounding areas

  • Does River Valley Auto Glass provide a warranty?
    Yes, River Valley Auto Glass provides a lifetime warranty on our labor. Examples include leaking windshield seal, wind noise, or any rubber moulding not bonded correctly. Upon verification of a warranty claim, the repair or replacement will be done at no cost to the customer. Warranty may be void if there is excessive rust or crash damage has occurred to the pinch-weld surfaces used to bond the windshield to the vehicle. Warranty may be void if windshield is installed in inclement weather conditions. All vehicles must be perfectly dry and indoors in order to service in wet and cold wether. Warranty does not apply to dealer parts. Warranty does not include rock chip repairs. Every rock chip repair should be considered an attempt to repair broken glass. The odds are about 90% effective, but 10% do fail. If the rock chip repair fails within 30 days, the cost of the chip repair will be applied to cost of a new windshield installation, provided by River Valley Auto Glass. Warranty does not include plastic parts over 10 years old at time of install. Antennas, cowling, wiper blades, plastic clips wiper motors. Warranty does not include after market cameras, wiring, including wiring that may be cut if it is hidden under the vehicles headliner. It is recommended that the customer removes any and all important wiring tucked in the headliner or up against the proximal juncture of the pinch weld and windshield, prior to installation.
  • Does River Valley Auto Glass Accept insurance?
    Yes, we do. Before you call to schedule an installation or repair, first verify that your policy covers auto glass repair and replacement. Many times, glass is not covered, even under "full coverage" policies. Next, file a claim with your insurance (be sure to write down claim number. We will need this to track your claim.) When you call to schedule, we will be asking for *First, call and verify coverge with your insurer. Many full coverage policys do not include auto glass repair andn replacement, and may require an enhancement to the policy* 1. The name of your insurance company 2. Phone number of your insurance company. 3. Policy Number 4. Claim Number When you've collected the necissary info, call River Valley and schedule your installation or repair.
  • What if my car or truck has rust, corrosion, or crash damage?"
    You will be give the option to complete the install and void warranty, or have the rust and damage repaired by a professional auto body shop, and the glass reinstalled after repairs are completed. We will remove as much rust as possible to complete the install. Photographs will be taken of the rusted area. Basic rust removal service does not gaurantee permanent protection of pinch weld area.
  • How much does a windshield installation cost?
    Most out of pocket installations are about $200-350 for domestiv passanger cars and trucks. The price climbs quickly for vehicles equipped with advanced driver alert system (ADAS), rain sensors, heated wiper parks, HUD. Also expect higher prices for imports and luxury brands. Another often times not considered cost is calibration services for vehicles equipped with advanced driver alert system (ADAS)
  • What areas do you work in?
    We provide free mobile service to Cañon City, Florence, Penrose, Pueblo and Pueblo West. We charge a $50 rural service fee for rural communities such as, westcliff, cotopaxi, salida, colorado springs. Rural service customers are able avoid the service fee by visiting us at our glass shop off s 9th & highway 50, across from canon rental. We are in the elite family fitness building at 312 S. 9th st. Cañon City, CO, 81212. Rural service fee will be waived for customers choosing to pay through insurance.
  • Is mobile service free?
    We provide mobile service in Cañon City, Florence, Penrose, Pueblo & Pueblo West, CO free of additional charge. Effecrive Nov 30. 2021, there will be a $50 rural service fee applied for rural addresses, or locations outside of our regular service territories. Rural service fee will be waived for customers paying with insurance.
  • Do you service fleets?
    We provide service to fleets of all shapes and sizes at a competetive price. We service passanger vehicles, medium duty vehicles, and semi-trucks. River Valley Auto Glass holds, and meets general liability insurance requirements for most companies.
  • Is River Valley Auto Glass Insured?
    Yes, River Valley Auto Glass is covered for General Liability. We meet or exceed the insurance requirements for most, if not all commercial fleet haulers, and fulfillment centers in Colorado.
  • Do you install third party windshields?
    Yes, however our warranty does not cover dealer, or 3rd party parts.
  • How long does a windshield installation take?
    Passenger Cars- 40-60 minutes Semi-Trucks 30-50 minutes Medium Duty 30-50 minutes
  • What if a chip repair fails and the windshield breaks?
    You will be required to sign a liability release prior to a rock chip repair. If the rock chip repair fails within 30 days, the cost of the chip repair will be applied to the price of a new install. Conditions must be dry, and the temperature of the glass must be between 50-100° for a successful rock chip repair.
  • How do I care for my new windshield after installation?
    The glue must cure a minimum of 30 minutes before you drive again. After 30 minutes, the glue is hardened enought to pass a crash test and is safe to drive. If closing the door within 30 minutes of installationl, crack the side window about an inch before closing the door or close gently. Do not slam. No power car wash for 3 days after install. Hand washing with a low pressure garden hose is fine. Commercial pressure washers could force water between the window and pinch weld causing leaks and a mess of wet glue and water inside your car.
  • What if I can not honor my appointment?
    Life happens and our vehicles are one of our most valuable tools. If you must cancel, or reschedule an appointment, simply call and let us know before the scheduled date. We can reschedule, no problem.
  • What type of payment do you take?
    We accept all major payments All payments must be made prior to service. Payment will be processed once we arrive on location and verify we have the correct parts. Personal checks require the account holder's drivers license number on the check.
  • Does River Valley Auto Glass perform ADAS Calibrations?
    Yes, we perform dynamic advanced driver alert system (ADAS) calibrations. All windshields equipped with (ADAS) must be recalibrated after new windshield installation to ensure the proper fuction of the important safety equipment after the windsheild is replaced. Dynamic calibration can be charged to insurance with the installation of your new windshield, or purchased out of pocket for a flat rate. Pre and post scans must be submitted to insurance. We do not offer static calibration, which is more common of foreign makes. In the case you need a static calibration, we will refer you to trusted dealers in the area, or you may choose a dealer of your liking, as per most insurers guidelines, it is mandatory for calibration to be performed by a dealer after a windshield replacement. It is ultimately the owner's responisiblity to determine in which ways their particular vehicle's adas is required to be calibrated. If you choose to decline dynamic or static ADAS calibration, you must sign a release of liability.
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