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Qualified professionals equipped with cutting-edge technology and materials can successfully repair many rock chips. Neglecting to address these chips weakens your windshield's ability to withstand damage during a rollover crash and impedes the proper deployment of the passenger airbag.

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Experience the convenience of our mobile service, whether you're at home or at work, or at our shop. Rely on River Valley Auto Glass for affordable, long-lasting windshield repairs that save you time and money. We accept insurance for windshield repairs, with limited mobile service available to Canon City, Florence, and Penrose.


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Find peace of mind knowing that our highly skilled professionals utilized top-of-the-line tools, technology, and materials to repair your windshield. We stand behind our repairs for as long as you own the vehicle. In the rare event that a windshield repair fails, the cost of the repair will be credited toward a new windshield installed by River Valley Auto Glass.

Rock Chip Repair Cañon City

Repairing windshield damage is a cost-effective solution for damaged auto glass, with added benefits for the environment. By being proactive and addressing small chips promptly, you can avoid time-consuming and costly replacements. Moreover, by extending the life of your glass, you contribute to preserving valuable resources in the earth and reducing your carbon footprint.

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Windshield Repair

How does windshield repair work in Canon City?

Rock chips are an unwelcome surprise, striking at any moment during your daily commute or errands. Thankfully, qualified professionals equipped with top-tier tools and materials can swiftly repair many damaged windshields. For the best outcome, address rock chips promptly on the same day they occur. At River Valley Auto Glass, we're here to help, offering visits to your home or workplace, within our mobile territory, or at our shop in Cañon City. Our windshield repair services are available in Canon City, Florence and Penrose areas.

What level of windshield damage cant be repaired?

Large damaged areas of the windshield, exceeding the size of a quarter, may not reliably repairable. Additionally, crushed glass or long cracks typically necessitate windshield replacement. Prior to repair, damaged areas must be free of water and debris, and repairs should be conducted, with the glass temperature at or exceeding 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Excessively "spidery" shaped damage may also be ineligible for repair. If you're unsure whether your damage can be successfully repaired, our dependable technicians will assess the damage and provide expert guidance on the most suitable course of action.

How is windshield damage repaired?

The windshield repair process begins with cleaning the work area to remove any water, dust, or debris. Next, a small electric drill is used to slightly open the damaged area, facilitating the flow of repair resin into the damaged area. Special UV light resin is then injected into the damaged area. To ensure proper distribution, a heat source is applied to the damaged area from inside the vehicle, to draw the resin deep into the damaged area. Once the damaged area is filled, it cures in sunlight or artificial UV light for approximately 2-3 minutes.

How will my windshield repair look?

Following a successful windshield repair, the damaged area may still exhibit some signs of damage. Achieving a flawless finish with windshield repair is nearly impossible, so it's essential to view it as a solution for extending your windshield's lifespan rather than a cosmetic enhancement. While some cosmetic improvement is probable, it will never be entirely perfect. It's important to note that the glass is technically already broken when we arrive to attempt a windshield repair.

Quick & Affordable Windshield Repair in Canon City & Surrounding areas 

If your windshield is damaged, in Canon City please call us at 719-429-7830 to schedule a windshield repair service. Count on River Valley Auto Glass for affordable, high-quality, and prompt windshield repair service. Whether at home or the office, we can come to you,or at our shop in Cañon City. Our mobile windshield Repair Service is available in Canon City, Penrose, and Florence.

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