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car glass installation

Windshield Replacement Cañon City & Surrounding Areas.

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Cañon City & Surrounding areas

Windshield Replacement 

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Call the pros

Not sure if you need a windshield repair or replacement? We're here to help.  Our skilled customer service representatives will help you decide which automotive glass service is right for you. Count on hassle free, fast insurance processing.  

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Schedule your service

River Valley Auto Glass prides itself on being a leader in the auto glass repair and replacement industry.  You will always speak with a real customer service representative, never a robot.  We provide free mobile service to Salida, Westcliffe, Cañon City, Pueblo West, Pueblo, Colorado Springs & Surrounding areas. 

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Enjoy your hassle free auto glass replacement.  You're ready to hit the road.  Rest assured that your windshield installation or repair was performed by highly trained professionals, using the highest quality tools and materials money can buy.  We're so confident in our skills, we back up our work with a lifetime warranty.  

Why Windshield Replacement Matters?

The plain and simple fact is that shoddy glass work will end up costing you thousands to repair and leaves your car unsafe to drive.  

Rust.  Rust, and corrosion are the enemy when it comes to prolonged success of your auto glass installation.  Inevitably, small scratches are made along the windshield pinch weld area, when the broken glass is removed.  When left untreated, these scratches eventually rust and weaken the steel in important structural areas of the vehicle, while destroying the paint from underneath.  It costs thousands for this to be repaired.  In extreme cases, a windshield cannot even be replaced safely.  Skilled, well trained auto glass technicians know how to repair these scratches properly before installing the new glass, thus preventing rust from ever growing and becoming an expensive, time consuming problem.  Not to mention annoying wind noise and water leaks. Leaking water may also damage fuses, headliner, interior parts, and sensitive electronics underneath the dash.

Rusted Windshield Pinch Weld
Damaged windshield pinch weld
Cleaned windshield pinch weld
Repaired Windshield Pinch Weld

Here is an example of a badly damaged windshield pinch weld.  Over time small scratches have rusted under the urethane glue surface and under the paint as well.  You can see how the rust just flakes off under minimal pressure.  This windshield was barely even held in.

Here is the same pinch weld, stripped down to clean metal. I use a wire wheel attached to a drill to blast off the rust and corrosion.  The surface is then cleaned perfectly and ready for new automotive grade primer.

Here you can see a newly cleaned and sealed pinch weld.  This area is now safe and secure and will hold the windshield safely in place with no further issues. 

Windshield Safety

Windshield Safety Graphic

Your vehicle's windshield and glass parts keeps you and you passengers safe and inside the car during a wreck.  Your car's windscreen provides a safe shield for you and your passengers.  When you windshield is damaged by chips or a crack, it can greatly increase the risk of serious injury during a crash.  Getting damaged glass replaced or repaired as soon as possible is so important.

Protects you and your passengers from road debris.

Your vehicle's windshield plays a huge role in the passenger airbag being deployed properly.  Most modern cars now come witn passenger side airbags as a standard option.  It is crucial to have a strong, solid windshield for the passenger air bag to deploy properly.  The air bag is designed to be supported by the windshield.  If you have any cracks or imperfections in the glass, your windshield may fail when you need it the most. 

Windshield Replacement Safety Graphic
Auto Glass Installation Safety Graphic

Your car's windshield is an extremely important part of the over all structure of your vehicle, especially in the cas of a roll over accident.  Your windshield accounts for up to 70% of the roof's strength in the case of a roll over accident.  Again, any cracks and imperfections will weaken the glass, and other depending structures to a critical and dangerous level.  

Free Mobile Service

Not only does every River Valley Auto Glass installation include a lifetime warranty, it also includes Free Mobile Service.  We are an exclusively mobile service.  we do not have a big expensive shop, and that means our savings get passed down to you, the customer.  We are happy to visit you at your home or at the office.  Just relax and we take care of the rest.

Free mobile service for rock chip repairs is limited to Cañon City, Florence, and Penrose, CO.  Farther service requests out side these areas may incur an additional mileage charge.  However, all auto glass installation service requests will come with mobile service free of charge to Salida, Canon City, Pueblo, Pueblo West, Colorado Springs. As with the chip repairs, auto glass installation service requests outside these preferred territories may incur additional milage fees.

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Windshield Replacement fig.1
Windshield Replacement fig. 2
Completed Car Glass Installation
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