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Windshield Replacement Cañon City & Surrounding Areas.

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Cañon City & Surrounding areas

Windshield Replacement 

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Call the pros

Unsure whether you need a windshield repair or replacement? Rest assured, we're here to assist you every step of the way. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives will guide you in determining the ideal automotive glass service for your needs. Plus, you can rely on our seamless and expedited insurance processing for a hassle-free experience.

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Schedule your service

At River Valley Auto Glass, we take pride in our position as a frontrunner in the auto glass repair and replacement sector. When you reach out to us, you'll always connect with a live customer service representative, not an automated system. Additionally, we offer complimentary mobile service to Cañon City and the surrounding areas, ensuring convenience and accessibility for our valued customers.

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Experience a hassle-free auto glass replacement with us, so you can get back on the road with peace of mind. Be confident that your windshield installation or repair was carried out by extensively trained professionals, utilizing top-of-the-line tools and materials. We're so certain of the quality of our work that we provide a lifetime warranty to back it up.

Why Windshield Replacement Matters?

The fact is low quality windshield replacement can end up costing you thousands to repair and leaves your car unsafe to drive.  

Rust and corrosion pose significant threats to the long-term durability of auto glass installations. During the process of removing broken glass or due to mishandling by technicians, minor scratches often occur along the windshield pinch weld area. If left untreated, these scratches can lead to rust formation, weakening the vehicle's structural steel and causing paint damage. Repairing such damage can incur substantial costs, sometimes running into thousands of dollars. In severe cases, the integrity of the vehicle may be compromised, making windshield replacement unsafe.

Experienced and well-trained auto glass technicians understand the importance of addressing these scratches before installing new glass. By properly repairing the scratches, they prevent rust from developing and mitigate the risk of it evolving into a costly and time-consuming problem. Additionally, addressing scratches helps avoid issues like wind noise and water leaks, which can lead to further damage to fuses, headliners, interior components, and delicate electronics housed beneath the dashboard.

Rusted Windshield Pinch Weld
Damaged windshield pinch weld
Cleaned windshield pinch weld
Repaired Windshield Pinch Weld

Here is an example of a badly damaged windshield pinch weld.  Over time small scratches have rusted under the urethane surface and paint.  

This is the same pinch weld, stripped down to clean metal. The surface is then cleaned perfectly and ready for new automotive primer.

Here you can see a newly cleaned and sealed pinch weld.  This area will provide secure bonding of the windshield, urethane and body of the vehicle

Windshield Safety

Windshield Safety Graphic

Your vehicle's windshield and glass parts play a crucial role in keeping you and your passengers safe during an accident by providing a protective barrier. When your windshield sustains damage such as chips or cracks, it significantly heightens the risk of serious injury in the event of a collision. Promptly replacing or repairing damaged glass is vital for ensuring your safety on the road.

Your vehicle's windshield is essential for the proper deployment of the passenger airbag, a standard feature in most modern cars. A sturdy windshield is crucial for ensuring the airbag functions effectively, as it is designed to deploy against the windshield for support. Cracks or imperfections in the glass can compromise the integrity of the windshield, potentially causing it to fail when needed most.

Windshield Replacement Safety Graphic
Auto Glass Installation Safety Graphic

Your car's windshield is a critical component of its overall structural integrity, particularly in the event of a rollover accident. It contributes significantly to the strength of the roof, accounting for up to 70% of its stability during such incidents. Any cracks or imperfections in the windshield can significantly weaken not only the glass but also other supporting structures, posing a serious and potentially dangerous risk.

Free Mobile Service

River Valley Auto Glass offers free mobile service to Cañon City and surrounding areas.  Mobile appoints will be weather permitting.  Visit us at our or shop, or we can come to you at your home or office.

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Windshield Replacement fig.1
Windshield Replacement fig. 2
Completed Car Glass Installation
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